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Louisiana Students for Life is a grassroots, non-profit corporation that seeks to network, educate, and activate pro-life students on all colleges and universities in  Louisiana and the greater Southeast.

 CiscoGonzales Rachel Anderson Bradley Jouty Alex Flores Meagan Magaldi
 Cisco Gonzales Rachel Anderson
 Bradley Jouty Alexis Flores
 Meagan Magaldi

2015-2016 Students for Life Officers

President Cisco Gonzales

Gonzales is a junior at LSU studying psychology. He has been active in the pro-life movement for many years, and during his sophomore year of high school he re-established his school's pro-life club. Last year he served as president of LSU Students for Life, recruiting many students and exposing Mary Landrieu's pro-abortion agenda on campus. He is currently a member of Students for Life of America's year-long Wilberforce Leadership Program.

Director of Women's Resources Rachel Anderson

Anderson is a junior at LSU studying biological sciences. She became active in the pro-life movement her freshman year of college when she joined Students for Life at LSU. She began going to the abortion facility in Baton Rouge to offer resources weekly and became head of Women's Resources for LSU Students for Life her sophomore year.

Director of Public Relations Bradley Jouty

Jouty is a senior in mechanical engineering at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He started his active journey in the pro-life movement as a high school junior, starting a pro-life group. He joined Students for Life at UL-L as a freshman, and as a junior became the group's treasurer. He continues to hold that position.

Special Events Coordinator Alexis Flores

Flores is a senior communications major at Southeastern. She became interested in the pro-life movement after attending Summit Ministries worldview camp and learning more about pro-life apologetics as a 16-year-old. She has been involved with Students for Life at SLU, serving as both vice president and president.

President of the Board Megan Magaldi

Magaldi is a senior at Tulane pursuing a dual degree in psychology and sociology. She first became involved with the pro-life movement seven years ago when she attended the March of the Surviving Youth as a high school freshman. She became involved with Tulane Students for Life and served as vice president her freshman year and president since her sophomore year.

Board members are Najib Mahmud, Baton Rouge; Stephen Borel, Acadiana; Stuart Lafleur, Northshore; Sarah Coleman and Anne-Catherine Jagneaux, Monroe; Paige Babineaux, Ruston; and Casey Chance and Olivia Naquin, Houma/Thibodaux.

Goals for 2015-2016

  • UNITY - Within the college realm, Louisiana Students for Life hopes to unify all of the college clubs to share with one another what each club is doing on their campus to end abortion. We hope that through doing this, clubs will be able to connect and further educate their clubs about abortion and what seems to work and what doesn't work.
  • OUTREACH - We hope to be active within high schools, connecting students with the college clubs to create an easy transition.
  • ENDING ABORTION - With every club in Louisiana promoting LIFE together we will end abortion in our great state. Louisiana Students for Life hopes to serve as a resource for the needs of the college pro-life clubs.

Campus Locations

Louisiana Students for Life is the collegiate arm Louisiana Right to Life. Groups are active on the campuses of LSU, Southeastern, UL-L, Nicholls, McNeese, Tulane, Louisiana Tech, and UL-M. Efforts are underway to revitalize groups at Loyola and UNO.

From the President

"Being involved in the Pro-life Movement since high school, I have seen that the transition into college is not an easy one. There is a statistic out there that states 47 percent of all women enter college pro-life; 73 percent leave favoring abortion. That statistic is heartbreaking. Another heartbreaking truth is the majority of abortions in America are being performed on college students. There is no other life issue that is more prevalent in colleges. By educating our college campuses about the truth of abortion, we hope that we can change hearts and minds about abortion ultimately making abortion unthinkable. We hope to restore a society that promotes life in this society that promotes death!"

- Cisco Gonzales

From Louisiana Right to Life

"We have a lot of work to do this year, and Louisiana Students for Life is going to be leading the way on our college and university campuses. Our groups exist to network, educate, and activate pro-life students at all colleges and universities in the state of Louisiana. Fifty percent of all abortions are done on women between the ages 18 and 25, and we recognize our responsibility to help students who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. We defend the defenseless, and we are doing our part to end abortion on campus."

- Alex Seghers, Youth Programs Director


To join Louisiana Students for Life's email list, to get more information on a campus organization near you or to start a campus group, email louisianastudentsforlife@gmail.com.






  • For more information on LSL, contact Alex Seghers at alex@prolifelouisiana.org

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Louisiana Students for Life (LSL) is an independent 501c3 organization apart from Louisiana Right to Life.