Speaking and Presentations

Do you need a pro-life speaker to inspire and educate your audience?

Speaking to High School students

Members of the Louisiana Right to Life team are available to speak to any group in the state of Louisiana, from youth to adults.  No matter the event or format needed, from an in-depth educational presentation, to an inspirational speech at a rally, or fundraising appeals at a banquet, Louisiana Right to Life is your resource for pro-life activity in Louisiana. Our entire staff are gifted speakers and can help train you and your groups to be the best pro-life advocates you can be.  We will work with you to find a speaker in our wide selection of pro-life speakers and activists in the state.  Contact us!

Educational Presentations

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 Pro-Life Persuasion: Saving Lives with Your Words

Available in both a 1-hour introductional presentation and longer more in-depth workshop complete with textbook, our Pro-Life Persuasion events will equip your group to be confident and persuasive communicators of the message of life.  Please contact or visit this special page with more information on Pro-Life Persuasion.


Abortion 101: Busting the Myths of the Culture of Death

An introductory presentation, Abortion 101 sweeps away any ignorance and conveys the truth of our society's greatest injustice, abortion.

Stem Cell Title Page

 The World of Stem Cell Research: Finding Cures and Protecting Life

Amid much confusion in our society regarding stem cell research, this presentation debunks media myths and presents the scientific truth of all forms of stem cell research.

 Rationing Title

The Danger of Euthanasia in Universal Healthcare Rationing

Looking at end of life issues, this presentation shows how healthcare rationing causes is a great threat to the lives of the infirmed and elderly.  

How You Began

 How You Began: A Look at PreNatal Development

Especially great for grade-schoolers, this presentation not only provides a look at how human develop, but why external differences of human beings don't change human value.


As well as:
-Training in pro-life persuasion and activism
-Human value and Dignity
-Sexual Integrity
-Support for Women in Crisis
-Sidewalk Counseling Training
Need or want a specific subject but do not see it here? Contact us and we will discuss it.  If we cannot provide the talk, we can direct you to the correct person or organization that can be of assistance.

We are very flexible.  Please contact us at 1-866-463-5433, at info@prolifelouisiana.org, or contact a speaker directly by email.  Cody can be reached at creed@prolifelouisiana.org, Mary at mnadeau@prolifelouisiana.org, and Ben Clapper at bclapper@prolifelouisiana.org.