Defender of Life Awards

A Defender of Life Award is given to a State Senator or Representative that has gone above the call of duty on a specific piece of legislation, issue, or situation.

The following are listed in alphabetical order. 

2008-2011 Defender of Life Award Recipients

  • Senator Conrad Appel: For his work in authoring and carrying SB 289 to reauthorize the Choose Life License Plate program in 2009.
  • Representative Regina Ashford Barrow: For her work in carrying the Ultrasound Before Abortion Act in the House in 2010, and for her assistance of the Life Choices Project in and out of the halls of the legislature.
  • Senator Sharon Weston Broome: For her pro-life leadership in the Senate, and her work in authoring and carrying SB 528, the Ultrasound Before Abortion Act, in 2010.
  • Senator A.G. Crowe: For his tireless support of the pro-life cause in the Senate.
  • Representative Cameron Henry: For his work in authoring and carrying HB 517 in 2008 to ban the public funding of human cloning.
  • Representative Walker Hines: For his work in authoring and carrying HB 861 to establish the Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Program within the Dept. of Health and Hospitals in 2008.
  • Representative Frank Hoffman: For his tireless effort in authoring and carrying the following pieces of legislation: Signs of Hope Act (2011- HB 636), National Abortion Insurance Opt-Out (2010- HB 1247), and the Defund Planned Parenthood Resolution (2011- HCR 54).  
  • Representative Bernard LeBas: For his work in authoring and carrying HB 517 in 2009 to protect the rights of conscience of health care providers.
  • Senator Gerald Long: For his consistent voice for life on the Senate floor and for his initiative in creating Pro-Life Week at the Legislature in 2009.
  • Senator Danny Martiny: For his work in authoring and carrying SB 115 in 2009 to ban the creation of human-animal hybrids.
  • Senator Mike Michot: For his work as Senate Finance Chairman to secure $1.5 million for the Life Choice Project, a program that provides funds to pro-life pregnancy centers across the state.
  • Senator Fred Mills: For his work in authoring and carrying HB 1370 to provide the Department of Health and Hospitals the ability to immediately close abortion facilities out of compliance with the law.
  • Senator Blade Morrish: For his 2008 work to prevent the public funding of human cloning.
  • Senator Willie Mount: For her leadership in chairing the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, the most important committee for pro-life legislation in the Legislature.
  • Senator Ben Nevers: For his constant vigilance on behalf of human life in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and the Senate Floor.
  • Senator Mike Walsworth: For his efforts in carrying and passing the Signs of Hope Bill in 2011 on the Senate floor.
 Conrad Appel
 Gerald Long
 Regina Ashford Barrow
 Danny Martiny
 Sharon Weston Broome  Mike Michot
 A.G. Crowe Fred Mills, Jr
 Cameron Henry
 Blade Morrish
 Walker Hines
 Willie Mount
 Frank Hoffman
 Ben Nevers
 Bernard LeBas
 Michael Walsworth