2013 Legislative Session

D2013 Legislative Sessionuring our state legislative session, which is an abbreviated "fiscal" session, Louisiana Right to Life is pushing legislation to protect women and unborn babies by placing additional requirements on the abortion industry.

2013 Legislative Updates:

  • SB 90: Strict Regulation on Abortion Facilities Act; Authored by Senator Fred Mills (R - Parks)

    • SB 90 would give the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals the authority to shut down an abortion facility which employs a person who is not board certified OB/GYN physician to perform abortions.
    • SB 90 would also ban the dangerous practice of tele-medicine abortions, in which women are prescribed abortion-inducing medications via teleconference even though the abortionist is not physically present with the woman.
    • STATUS: Passed the State Legislature and Signed into Law by Governor Jindal!
  • HB 287: Coerced Abortion as Child Abuse Act; Authored by Representative Valarie Hodges (R - Baton Rouge)

    • HB 287 defines "forced abortion of a minor" as child abuse and allows the State of Louisiana to intervene when a minor child is being forced against their will to have an abortion. This is a response to recent cases in Louisiana of parents attempting to force their child to have an abortion against her will.
    • STATUS: Passed the State Legislature and Signed into Law by Governor Jindal!
  • Investigation of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast

  • SCR 57 by Senator Danny Martiny (R - Metairie)
  • HR 105 by Representative Frank Hoffman (R - West Monroe)
  • SCR 57, and its companion resolution HR 105, urges various state departments to freeze state contracts with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast while inquiries are being conducted into possible violations of state law and alleged medicaid fraud.
    During the process of these resolutions, Abby Johnson, a former Director of a Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast facility in Texas, testified before the House Health and Welfare Committee, exposing in dramatic fashion the truth about Planned Parenthood's abortion quota.
    Both resolutions were passed with the overwhelming support of both chambers. We will be meeting with administrative officials soon to ensure the requests made in the resolutions are carried out with haste.