HB 636: Signs of Hope Act


DHH Pamphlet

 HB 636, better known as the "Signs of Hope Act," was passed on Tuesday, June 21, 2011. This act requires a "Forced Abortion Prevention Sign" to be posted in every Louisiana abortion facility and required the creation of the Louisiana Woman's Right to Know website (www.pregnancyinfo.la.gov).

Run by the Department of Health and Hospitals, this website and mobile/smartphone platform provides information about free ultrasounds, pregnancy resources, abortion health risks, and the development of the unborn child. The web address must be given by phone or email at the initial contact seeking an appointment. In addition, the website must be listed on the "Forced Abortion Prevention Sign" that must be displayed in all Louisiana abortion facilities. 


The "Forced Abortion Prevention Sign" (see image) must be conspicously posted in abortion clinics informing women of the following: 

  •  that they can't be forced to abort against their will,
  • that the father is liable for support,
  • that adoptive parents may pay costs of prenatal care and childbirth,
  • that there are many public and private resources to help during and after pregnancy as listed on DHH's Louisiana Woman's Right to Know website (www.pregnancyinfo.la.gov).


DHH Frontpage 
Front page image of the DHH Louisiana Woman's Right to Know website.