2017 Spring Senate Election


A special election will be held April 29 to elect a new Senator for District 2. The seat was previously held by Troy Brown, who resigned earlier this year. If no one receives 50 + 1 percent of the vote, a runoff will be held May 27. Early voting is April 15-22 (except Sunday and holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand on Life? 

We post questionnaire responses as we receive them. Below are the candidate comparisons. If you know candidates running for this seat, please ask them to quickly complete the questionnaire and return to us. If you meet or speak to a candidate, ask them how they answered the 2017 Louisiana Right to Life Questionnaire.

Download State Legislative Questionnaire

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Senate District 2 Candidates


Elton M. Aubert (D)
• Did not respond

Wayne Brigalia (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 3-26)

Albert "Ali" Burl III (D)
• Did not respond

Shannon Comery Sr. (D)
• Did not respond

Chris Delpit (D)
• Did not respond

Warren Harang III (D)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 4-6)

Jerry Jones (D)
• Did not respond

Edmond Jordan (D)
• Did not respond

Patrick Lawless (D)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 3-24)

Tommy Lyons (No Party)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 91% Pro-Life (Submitted 3-29)

Lyons answered No to Question 2, which asked: "Would you vote for a law that would prohibit abortions, except to prevent the death of the mother." Lyons said he is open to "exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother, including legitimate mental health concerns."

Willie Massey-Farve (No Party)

• 2017 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life(Submitted 3-31)

John D. Mouton (R)
• Did not respond

Edward "Ed" Price (D)
• Did not respond

Jamie Roussell (D)
• Did not respond