2017 Spring House Elections


On March 25, elections will be held for three vacant Louisiana House of Representative seats. The vacant seats are District 8, District 42, and District 92. The District 8 seat was previously held by Republican Mike Johnson of Bossier City, who was recently elected to a U.S. House seat. District 42 was previously held by Democrat Jack Montoucet of Crowley, who is now the Secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The District 92 seat was previously held by Republican Tom Wilmott of Kenner, who is now a member of the Kenner City Council.

If there are three or more candidates for one seat, and there is no candidate that wins 50%+1 on March 25, there will be a run-off election on April 29.

Early voting is March 11-18 (except Sunday and holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the March 25 primary election; and April 15-22 (except Sunday and holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the April 29 general election.

Download State Legislative Questionnaire

We post questionnaire responses as we receive them. Below are the candidate comparisons. If you know candidates running for these seats, please ask them to quickly complete the questionnaire and return to us. If you meet or speak to a candidate, ask them how they answered the 2017 Louisiana Right to Life Questionnaire.

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House District 8

Raymond Crews (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 100%Pro-Life (Submitted 2-15)

Robert Hal "Robbie" Gatti Jr. (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire:100% Pro-Life (Submitted 2-2)

Patrick J. Harrington (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire:100% Pro-Life (Submitted 1-18)

Michael "Duke" Lowrie (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 1-18)

House District 42

John Stefanski (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire:100% Pro-Life (Submitted 1-31)

Jeremy "Jay" Suire (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire:100% Pro-Life (Submitted 1-31)

House District 92

Gisela Chevalier (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire:100% Pro-Life (Submitted 1-26)

Lee Ann Dugas (D)
• 2017 Questionnaire: No Current Response

"Joe" Stagni (R)
• 2017 Questionnaire: 100% Pro-Life (Submitted 2-15)

"Chuck" Toney (D)
• 2017 Questionnaire: No Current Response