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2014 Bus Information: Hotard Coaches and Calco Travel Calco Logo

The success of the Louisiana Life March depends on the pro-life people of Louisiana gathering to make a difference. You are needed to be present to save lives!!

Thanks to the wonderful pro-life generosity of Hotard Coaches and Calco Travel, all groups that utilize a Hotard or Calco bus (same company) to travel to the Louisiana Life March South in Baton Rouge will receive a 25% discount on their total rate! Please contact Hotard or Calco ASAP to schedule your bus for your church or group. Whether online or on the phone, be sure to mention 'Louisiana Life March'.

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Hotard and Calco have bus centers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Biloxi. However, they will work with people from across the state either by picking up or coordinating through affiliates. Please contact them right away!

Address of Old State Capitol (where march will begin):

Address:Station is accessible
100 North Blvd Baton Rouge, LA 70801


  • If you are chartering your bus through Hotard/Calco, then your bus driver will be aware of the parking situation! Bus Parking:
    • River Road Public Parking: Along River Road and the Mississippi River, there is a public parking lot that can fit approximately 15 buses. This lot is only a block from the Capitol, and therefore is near the end of the march. We encourage buses parking in this lot to drop their passengers off around the Old State Capitol on River Road and then proceed to the lot near the state Capitol. See map location below for River Road lot.
  • Car Parking: In addition to street parking (which is free on Saturdays in Baton Rouge), there are a few lots available for car parking (first come first serve!!). There will be shuttle transportation from the Capitol back to the beginning of the march, but it could take a little while depending on numbers:
    • First Baptist Church: One of the lots at First Baptist Church is available to car parking. The lot will be first come, first serve. When you arrive at First Baptist Church, you will be directed to the correct lot. Remember, First Baptist Church is very close to the Old State Capitol, the beginning of the march. See below for a map location of First Baptist Church. Address: 529 Convention Street.
    • Cathedral of St. Joseph lot: There is also a parking lot at the Cathedral of St. Joseph that is open to cars only. It is also first come, first serve. The Cathedral is located near the State Capitol, the end of the march, at 412 North Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5496.See below for a location map of the Cathedral.

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Map Location for Entrance to Public Parking Lot on River Road

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Map Location for First Baptist Church Downtown Baton Rouge

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Map Location of Cathedral of St. Joseph

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If you need more information, please call us 1-866-463-5433 or visit the map website for Downtown Baton Rouge.