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Forming the Pro-Life Future of Acadiana
The Zerben Bienvenu and William Smith Fund for Acadiana Pro-Life Education

Although Acadiana benefits from broad support for pro-life values, we cannot take this for granted. We must act today to preserve the pro-life legacy of Acadiana.

The Zerben Bienvenu and William Smith Fund for Acadiana Pro-Life Education will lead the way in effective public education to form the next generation of pro-life leaders, our youth.

The Fund offers educational presentations and training programs to all schools, churches, and other organizations at no charge. The educational programs can easily be brought in as an additional resource to your current programs.

Contact us to schedule your presentation! 

Call Krista Corbello at 337.303.8886 or email her at

From Pioneers to the Present 

As abortion was legalized across America by the Supreme Court in 1973, the pioneers ofDr SmithZerbenthe right to life movement in Acadiana, Dr. William l. Smith, Dr. Zerben H. Bienvenu, Dr. Wilton Bergeron, and other individuals and families, united with the goal to ensure Acadiana would resist the advance of the culture of death. Their sacrifices created one of the most pro-life regions of the nation, keeping abortions at bay in Acadiana. Their model of pervasive education in every arena was built upon authentically scientific and logically accurate about the dignity of each life.

While the pro-life spirit of Acadiana remains, education is not as strong as it once was. In 2012, statistics showed that 441 women from the 7-parish region had abortions.

To preserve the pro-life spirit of Acadiana and save the tragic lives lost to abortion, the Fund for Acadiana Pro Life Education has been established in honor of Drs. Bienvenu and Smith to develop and sustain a pro-life educational initiative for all of Acadiana by encouraging young people to become advocates for the unborn, elderly, and terminally ill. Ryan Verret and Krista Corbello will implement area wide educational presentations on these topics on much more.

Open the Doors to Education 

  • Open the Door For Education: Whether you are at a church, school, or other place, you can assist by inviting our team to present on abortion and other life issues. Contact us today to get on the calendar. Call Krista Corbello at 337.303.8886 or email her at
  • Contribute to the Endowment: Help us honor Drs. Smith and Bienvenu and keep the pro-life spirit of Acadiana alive for generations to come by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Endowment. Your gift today ensures pro-life education will be present in the future. 
    • Mail Your Donation: Make gifts payable to Louisiana Right to Life and put "Acadiana Endowment" in lower left of check.  Mail to us at P.O. Box 5247 Lafayette, LA 70502.
    • Donate Online: Click here to visit our secure terminal to make a donation.  In the "Comments/Special Instructions" box, write in "Acadiana Endowment".

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