Pass Legislation Protecting Babies that Feel Pain!


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On June 18th 2013, H.R. 1797, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, passed the U.S. House of Representatives.  The legislation was received by the U.S. Senate on June 19th but has not come to a vote on the Senate Floor.  The passage of H.R. 1797 (or similar legislation yet to be introduced in the U.S. Senate) is Louisiana Right to Life's top federal legislation priority. 

The legislation proposes to protect the unborn child at 20 weeks fetal age, a point where a plethora of scientific evidence shows that the baby can feel pain.

Since the House bill's passage, Louisiana Senator, Mary Landrieu, has remained silent concerning her position on the legislation. However, now she is speaking out. 

On June 12th, 2014, in an interview with a Politico reporter, Landrieu explains her personal views on when life begins and why she won't support fetal pain legislation: 

"Although I personally believe that life begins at conception, I believe the last place the government needs to be is in the church, in the doctor's office or in the bedroom.

Landrieu continued: 

"Some of the bills being passed around the country are just very intrusive to personal decisions and very harmful to women and girls, you know, to their physical health and life. It's a shame. 20 weeks is not the norm for being able to live outside of a hospital.

This is very disappointing. We need Sen. Landrieu to support H.R. 1797 (or similar legislation yet to be introduced in the Senate) and publicly encourage Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to allow an prompt vote on this critical legislation.  Currently, Senator Vitter has joined us in this effort.