Streetlight Banners

Pro-Life Banners Line Portion of Historic St. Charles Avenue

New Orleans and Louisiana Right to Life have partnered together to have 16 streetlight banner signs installed along historic St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans between St. Joseph Street and State Street. The signs went up Thursday, Dec. 10, and will remain up at least through January. The two-sided pink banners, intended to raise awareness regarding the humanity of the unborn, display a 19-week-old baby in utero and state: "Give Her Life a Chance! First Heartbeat 22 Days after Conception!"

Under Louisiana state law babies may be aborted up to 20 weeks fetal age for any reason. We hope the banners help educate the public by highlighting the humanity of the unborn so often overlooked in our society.

Robert Winn, president of New Orleans Right to Life, commissioned the signs after hearing about similar signs put up by Students for Life at the University of Southern California.

There, college administrators removed streetlight banners with a pro-life message, saying they conflicted with school policy. USC agreed to reimburse the student group, but the signs were taken down. Winn saw this as an effective way to bring the pro-life debate to the minds of New Orleans residents.

The signs were put up at a contentious time in the pro-life debate in New Orleans. Planned Parenthood is building a new facility on South Claiborne Avenue, where the organization intends to perform 2,844 abortions every year. However, Planned Parenthood has met resistance from the local pro-life community. Archbishop Gregory Aymond of the Archdiocese of New Orleans discouraged businesses from working with Planned Parenthood, stating blatantly, "We cannot cooperate with evil." The efforts of local pro-life action groups and churches delayed the facility's slated opening by nearly two years. We hope the installation of the streetlight signs in the heart of Uptown New Orleans will reignite the local debates of the controversial clinic.

The pro-life cause in New Orleans shows no sign of slowing down. We hope the new streetlights signs will push the discussion of pro-life issues in New Orleans to the forefront and remind those who may still support abortion that it is the killing of a unique, precious and valuable human being.