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Mary Nadeau
New Orleans Right to Life Projects Coordinator

Mary Nadeau, Projects CoordinatorMary Nadeau became the Projects Coordinator for New Orleans Right to Life in 2012.  She is a life-long resident of the New Orleans area and a graduate of Tulane University.  Marybegan working with LARTL as a member of Students for Life, has been active in the running of the Joshua Leadership Institute since 2010, and continues to work with youth programs, including the Youth Ambassadors for Life. 

Mary is a speaker and presenter on many topics, including the dignity and value of the human person and the NOLA Needs Peace Coalition.  She is available for presentations to school, youth, and adult groups.  She also works with local and statewide youth programs, including the Youth Ambassadors for Life.   

  • Phone: 504-835-6520
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  • Address: 7121 Catina St., New Orleans, LA, 70124


New Orleans Right to Life Programs

-Life on the Road: Life-Bus Educational Project

Life BusACCESS, New Orleans Right to Life, and Louisiana Right to Life have joined to create a Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center to provide resources to women in our area. This mobile unit will visit a di­fferent high school each week to promote awareness and education.


-Proudly Pro-Life Dinner 

Proudly Pro-Life Dinner

The Annual Proudly Pro-Life Dinner offers members of the New Orleans Community the opportunity to come together and to honor those who have served the cause of life.  Proceeds benefit pro-life efforts in New Orleans. 


-The Pro-Life Poster and Video Contest 


Nothing Is

“If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong.”  These words were written by Abraham Lincoln to highlight the self-evident evil of slavery.  We too recognize that a threat to human life anywhere is a threat to human life everywhere. 

Poster and Video Contest

This contest gives students the opportunity to express this truth through art and media, to utilize and share their unique creativity and perspective, and to expand their knowledge of life issues. 

Click this link to go to the Pro-Life Poster and Video Contest page.


Board Representative: 
Peg Kenny 

  • Phone: 504-834-5433
  • Email:
  • P.O. Box 7962 Metairie, LA 70010