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October 2016

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

Sponsor a Spot!Planned Parenthood is spending over $20,000 a month in New Orleans on radio ads to confuse the public and build its New Orleans business.

We must tell the truth about Planned Parenthood.  If we don't, who will? 

Two years ago we ran a radio campaign that told the truth about Planned Parenthood, and it is time for us to do it again now that Planned Parenthood has opened its doors on Claiborne Avenue.

Please help us sponsor our radio campaign today.  Primetime radio ads are $100 per spot.  We hope to build a radio campaign of at least $2,500 a week!  We need your help to accomplish this task!

Will you help us expose Planned Parenthood?

The radio spot at the top of this page with Abby Johnson, former Director of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, is our current ad, but we are working to produce two new radio spots. 

Would you please sponsor at least one $100 radio spot?  Your donation will go directly to putting at least one more spot on the air to inform thousands of people about the truth of Planned Parenthood. Any contribution, below or above $100, is very appreciated.

Please spread the word and encourage others to sponsor a spot!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper

Help us compete with Planned Parenthood on the air.