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What is the "Every Life, Every Month" Partnership?

Our "Every Life, Every Month" members are a dedicated group of pro-lifers who pledge
a tax-deductible monthly (or quarterly) gift to support the life-saving work of Louisiana Right to Life.

Being a "Every Life, Every Month" member provides great benefits for both you and for Louisiana Right to Life (LARTL).

  • You subscribe to a secure program that does all the work for you. No mail, no stamps, and no spending time trying to mail your check in every month. Because your donations are paid to the "Louisiana Right to Life Educational Committee, Inc", your donations are tax-deductible!  And of course, you will be joining us in building a stronger pro-life Louisiana!
  • We receives your donation without having to spend precious time and resources handling mail and depositing checks. We can plan better for the months and years ahead by knowing your stand with us every month.

Is it secure?

Automatic monthly giving is safer than mailing cash or checks.  Our secure terminal provides complete security.

What if I change my mind?

You can stop or change your donation or information just by contacting us.  We will take care of it right away.  If you only want to join for a limited amount of time (one year, etc), then contact us and we will set it up for you.

How do I get started?

Click here to visit our secure terminal, and be sure to set the frequency of the donation to either "monthly" or "quarterly"!

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Louisiana Right to Life now utilizes Caring Habits Inc., a business trusted by many other organizations, to securely collect one-time, monthly, and quarterly donations.  Caring Habits Inc. does not support organizations that support abortion, and collects donations for other pro-life groups such as National Right to Life.

If you would still like to utilize PayPal to make donations, you can use the links below: