Press Releases

 2016 Press Releases:

5.19.2016: Governor Signs 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill, Another

5.17.2016: Dismemberment Abortion Bill Passes Senate

5.11.2016: Pro-Life Bills Move Forward at Capitol

5.4.2016: Two Pro-Life Bills Headed to Governor's Desk

4.28.2016: Dismemberment, Discrimination Bans Sail through House

4.27:2016: Key Pro-Life Bills Progress Through Legislature

4.6.2016: Louisiana House Approves 2 Pro-Life Bills

4.5.2016: Bill to Stop Dismemberment Abortion Filed

3.30.2016: Pro-Life Legislative Agenda Begins at Capitol Today

3.2.2016: LARTL Reaction to Supreme Court Hearing

2.24.2016: 5th Circuit Allows Admitting Privilege Law to Take Effect

2.4.2016: LART Thanks Gov. Edwards for Amicus Brief Signature

1.29.2016: Thousands to Defend Life in Alexandria

1.26.2016: Federal Judge Rules on Admitting Privileges Law

1.20.2016: Thousands to Defend  Life at Baton Rouge Event

1.19.2016: Thousands to Defend Life at Shreveport Event

1.11.2016: Congratulations to Gov. Edwards, Speaker Barras

1.8.2016: Streetlight Banners Fall Within City Guidelines

1.7.2016: Edwards Names DHH Secretary with Pro-Abortion Connections

 2015 Press Releases:

11.21.2015: Louisiana Right to Life Congratulates Gov.-Elect Edwards

11.5.2015: Planned Parenthood Funding Case Goes to 5th Circuit

9.29.2015: How Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Life Issues

9.2.2015: PP Takes State to Court over Medicaid Cuts

8.20.2015: Governor Will Greet PP Protestors with Evidence

7.27.2015: 'Women Betrayed' Rally at Planned Parenthood

7.24.2015: Students for Life Rally at Planned Parenthood

7.14.2015: Top PP Doctor Caught Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

6.29.2015: Louisiana Federal Court Case Adjourns in Baton Rouge

5.26.2015: HB 701, Pro-Life Cause, Hung Out to Dry in Senate

5.15.2015: NOLA Needs Peace Rally

5.13.2015: Pain-Capable Bill Passes House

5.6.2015: HB 701 Sails Out of Committee

4.15.2015: HB 701 Would End Sex-Selection Abortion

3.23.2015: Planned Parenthood Concrete Poured

2.3.15: Planned Parenthood Application Rejected

1.22.15: Taxpayer Funded Abortion

1.21.15: Louisiana Life March South

1.16.2015: Louisiana Life March North

1.14.2015: Louisiana Named No. 1 Pro-Life State for 6th Straight Year

2014 Press Releases:

12.1.2014: Sen. Landrieu Continues to Mislead Louisiana Citizens

9.16.2014: Report shows elective abortion coverage widespread on Obamacare exchange plans

8.31.2014: Judge Issues Limited TRO; Law Will Take Effect

8.22.2014: LARTL Responds to Lawsuit Against HB388

3.07.2014: Gov. Jindal Adds Pro-Life Bills to 2014 Legislative Package  

3.13.2014: Rep. Jackson Statement on HB 388

3.19.2014: HB 388 Passes House Health & Welfare Committee


3.25.2014: HB187 Passes, But Pro-Life Amendments Added 

3.27.2014: 5th Circuit Upholds Texas Admitting Privledges Bill  

3.31.2014: HB388 Passes Overwhelmingly in LA House 

4.16.2014: HB305 Passes Overwhelmingly in LA House  

5.7.2014: HB388 Passes Unanimously in LA Senate Health & Welfare Committee 

5.14.2014: HB388 Passes Overwhelmingly in LA Senate