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Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director

Clapper HeadshotBenjamin Clapper has committed his life to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. His expertise in the pro-life movement ranges from the political and legislative realm to youth education and activism.

Benjamin currently serves as the Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life. Louisiana Right to Life, established in 1970, works through education, activism, legislation, and service to restore the right to life in Louisiana. During his years with Louisiana Right to Life, Benjamin has built a volunteer-run organization into a professional operation making an impact in Louisiana from the State Capitol to the high school classroom. During his time working to advance pro-life legislation, Louisiana has become the #1 Pro-Life State in the nation.

In addition to Louisiana Right to Life, Benjamin serves the national pro-life movement in a number of capacities. Through his work with the National Right to Life Victory Fund, Benjamin managed the "Take Florida Back for Life Campaign" during the 2012 elections. He continues to collaborate with National Right to Life. He spearheads the "Life and Leadership Youth Camp Initiative" to start pro-life youth training "camps" through the nation. To date, he has helped start youth training camps in North Dakota, Virginia, Nevada, North Carolina, Arkansas, and of course, Louisiana.

Benjamin's dedication to the pro-life movement began in late high school in his hometown of Mobile, AL, but was crystalized in college as he actively worked with Students for Life of America (SFLA) and went on to found Louisiana Students for Life. In 2013, Benjamin was honored to receive a top-award from SFLA.

Benjamin graduated from Loyola University New Orleans in 2007 as the Ignatian Award winner for Outstanding Male Graduate. At Loyola, he was blessed to meet his future wife, Kristen, through their collaboration on pro-life activities. Kristen and Benjamin reside in Mandeville with their four beautiful daughters: Kate, Mary Rose, Julia, and Claire.


Sandy Cunningham
Communications Director

Sandy CunninghamSandy Cunningham joined the Louisiana Right to Life team as Communications Director in July 2014. Her job includes handling media relations and audio and print communications for the organization as well as managing the LARTL website.

Sandy is a native of Washington Parish and grew up in Jackson, Miss. She returned to Louisiana after high school graduation to begin college, and she received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from LSU in 1985. After a short stint back in Mississippi after graduation, she returned to Louisiana to begin her newspaper career. She worked in the newspaper industry as a writer, editor, general manager and publisher and spent her entire newspaper career at community newspapers in southeast Louisiana. She served on the Louisiana Press Association Board of Directors for 10 years and was president of the statewide newspaper organization from 2010-2012.

Sandy and her daughter, Cassidy, live in Abita Springs and attend First Baptist Church of Covington.


Kathy Allen, Ph.D
State Director, Black Advocates for Life

Kathy Allen

Kathy Allen is an advocate for social justice, both personally and professionally. She joins the LARTL team as project director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life; an initiative designed to both increase the meaningful participation of the Black community in prolife advocacy, and also decrease the rate of abortion among Black women.

Kathy is a native of New Orleans, where as a graduate student she did research as well as grassroots advocacy outreach work in the industrial corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Kathy taught social policy courses at Smith College in Northampton, MA, and completed doctoral research on the potential for socially just economic development in Louisiana. She has served as director of an agency providing resources and referrals for people with disabilities and their families, where she developed and obtained funding for several projects focused on providing practical and moral support to family members of individuals with disabilities.

As the parent of a child with Down syndrome, Kathy understands well that every life is precious. She believes that every person in a socially just society has the right to a life in which God-given gifts and talents can be contributed to the community. She believes that this right begins in the womb.

Kathy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of New Orleans, and a master of Arts and Ph.D. in Social Policy from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. She continues to support her community as a development consultant and grant writer. She and her son Joshua reside in Opelousas.


Rev. Corey Hicks
New Orleans Director, Black Advocates for Life

Corey Hicks

Rev. Corey Hicks is New Orleans Director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life. He is a native of New Orleans - he was raised in the lower Ninth Ward, and he witnessed the rawness of the streets first hand. Through that he became a strong advocate for the black community.

Corey graduated from St. Augustine High School then went to Xavier University to study engineering. But his career path changed, and he eventually received an associate's degree

in Biblical Studies from the School of Urban Missions, where he was also on staff for a period, and a bachelor's degree in Missions from City Vision University.

For the past 15 years Corey has served in the ministry, working with youth in church settings as well as on school campuses through Youth for Christ/Campus Life Ministries. He also worked as a high school campus missionary with Next Generation, a cutting edge outreach to over 26 public high schools, and he led seven evangelistic clubs on six different campuses in the Greater New Orleans area. He is also involved in the music industry as an artist and CEO of Longevity Music, a Christian record label.

As New Orleans Director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life, Corey brings a unique male perspective to the problem of abortion in the black community. In serving New Orleans in this role, he is advocating one of the top priorities on God's heart, to "have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance" (John 10:10).

"Abortion is one piece to His puzzle of fulfilling His task at hand. On the other hand, Jesus has a goal of creating life and making that life full and overflowing in abundance. As the Black Advocates New Orleans Director, I get to help Jesus with Phase 1, which

happens to be creating life before it is stolen, killed, and destroyed," said Corey, who has a huge heart for the city and is excited to be able to educate others that abortion is the most devastating blow being dealt to the black community.

Corey and his wife, Nicole, have three sons and two daughters.


Alex Seghers
Youth Programs Co-Director

AlexSeghersAlexandra Seghers joined the Louisiana Right to Life team in August 2015 as the Youth Programs Director. She directs youth initiatives such as the Joshua Leadership Institute,

Camp Joshua and the Geaux Forth Rally at the March for Life in Washington D.C. and leads LARTL youth education efforts in schools and youth organizations throughout Louisiana.

Alex grew up in Covington and was a member of St. Peter Parish’s pro-life youth club, learning pro-life apologetics and praying once a month at the Metairie abortion clinic.

She left Louisiana to study at the University of Dallas, where she was an officer of the college’s pro-life club. She organized events and also represented the university at the Young America’s Foundation and Students for Life’s 2014 Pro-Life Student Leadership Summit Conference. Additionally, she led a variety of other campaigns, programming, and organization initiatives at the University of Dallas.

During the 2014 Senate election, Alex worked as the Northshore Field Director for the Susan B. Anthony List’s Women Speak Out PAC campaign, managing door-to-door canvassers speaking to voters about Mary Landrieu’s pro-abortion record.

Alex received a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics from the University of Dallas in 2015. She now lives with her husband, Robert Seghers, in New Orleans.


Krista Corbello
Youth Programs Co-Director

KristaCorbelloKrista Corbello joined the Louisiana Right to Life team in December 2015 as Youth Programs Co-Director. Her main goal is to reach out to the youth of Louisiana, particularly in Acadiana, Alexandria, and Lake Charles, in order to help build up a pro-life generation. This initiative includes everything from youth education presentations to PULSE Immersion Weekends, PULSE Leadership Institute, and the Geaux Forth Rally in Washington D.C. at the March for Life.

Krista attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where she was heavily involved with the Ragin' Cajun Catholics, serving on the Leadership Team on the Community Life Board and as an intern during her senior year. She also went on mission trips to Brazil in 2013 and 2015 and World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. As a member with UL Students for Life, she helped out in the background by tabling and chalking on campus, helping draw 3,600 hearts in front of the UL Library to illustrate the number of abortions that happen every day in the U.S.

Krista graduated from UL Lafayette in May 2014 with a degree in Public Relations then served as Assistant Programming Director for a year and a half at Our Lady of Wisdom, the home of the Ragin' Cajun Catholics. Her work at Wisdom included music ministry, girls' group book studies, retreat and event planning and marketing, social media management, and speaking on behalf of the ministry.

She lives in Lafayette and is as an active parishioner at Our Lady of Wisdom. She also does community theatre, plays at singer/songwriter nights, performs as a princess, and enjoys traveling, dancing, Dr. Pepper, and spending time with her family and friends.


Shanon Snyder
Projects Director, New Orleans Right to Life


Shanon Snyder joined the Louisiana Right to Life team in August 2015 as the New Orleans Projects Director. He grew up in Mobile, Ala., where he became involved with 40 Days for Life in April 2012. Since his time with 40 Days for Life he has committed himself fully to the cause of the defenseless. He became involved with Louisiana Right to Life in March 2014 as a volunteer working in various campaigns of the organization. During the 2014 Senate election he worked as New Orleans Field Director for Women Speak Out PAC — a partner of Susan B. Anthony List — managing door-to-door canvassers in Southeastern Louisiana.

Shanon is a graduate of the University of Mobile, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology. He is a graduate student at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where he is preparing for his Doctorate of Theology. He lives in New Orleans and is an active member of his local church.


Sarah Zagorski
Special Projects Director, Louisiana Right to Life


Sarah Zagorski rejoined the Louisiana Right to Life staff as Special Projects Director in January 2018 after pro-life involvement in northern Colorado. There she served as the Director of Colorado Citizens for Life, the state affiliate of National Right to Life, and was a staff writer for Also, she worked as a lobbyist advancing pro-life legislation at the state Capitol for Colorado Family Action, a policy partner of Focus on the Family.

Sarah’s dedication to the pro-life cause stems from her own personal story of being rescued from abortion and spending nearly eight years in the Louisiana foster care system. At the age of 9 she was adopted by a loving family dedicated to the pro-life movement. In 2012, she graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Biblical Studies. Now Sarah resides in New Orleans with her husband, David, and young son, Jesse.


Brian Gunter
Director of Outreach, Louisiana Right to Life

BrianGunterPastor Brian Gunter joined the Louisiana Right to Life team in January as Director of Outreach. He serves as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Pollock and is also the founder and president of the new Cenla Pregnancy Center.

Brian’s passion is to unite the pro-life efforts of churches across Louisiana. He has worked to establish a coalition of more than 200 pro-life churches in the Central Louisiana region, and he seeks to expand that network of churches across the state. Brian’s vision is to unite pro-life churches of all denominations into a singular effort to end abortion in Louisiana and protect the sanctity of every human life.

Brian worked with Louisiana Right to Life to start the Life March Cenla and the Cenla Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast in 2016, spurring the growth of the pro-life movement across Central Louisiana. The Life March Cenla grew from 3,000 participants in its first year to more than 5,000 participants in 2017.

Brian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy/Religion from Louisiana College and an Advanced Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has served in pastoral ministry for more than 12 years.

Brian and his wife, Trish, live in Pollock with their four children: David, Grace, Noah, and Stephanie. Brian is personally convicted that his first and most important ministry is to his wife and children.


Jeanne Guilbeau
Intern, Louisiana Right to Life


Jeanne Guilbeau joined the Louisiana Right to Life team in January as an intern in the Acadiana area. She will assist with pro-life events, both youth and family, in the Acadiana area.

Jeanne attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and will graduate with a degree in Organizational Communication in May 2018. As a student, she is a member of Pro-Life Cajuns, the pro-life advocacy student organization on campus, and served on the executive board for two years. She has also volunteered as a small group leader at many PULSE weekends.

In addition to being passionate about the pro-life cause, Jeanne also enjoys theater, gardening, reading, and biking. She also loves spending time with people, and it is a personal goal of hers to affirm the inherent value of every person she encounters.


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State Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Louisiana Right to Life directs the activities of the organization.

Executive Council
Left to Right: Celie Clark, William Watkins, Sharon Rodi, Michelle Gorney,
Robert Winn, Peggy Kenny
Pictured Below: James B. Godchaux, M.D. and John Nickelson
John Nickelson

William Watkins

William "Bill" Watkins was elected Vice President of Louisiana Right to Life Federation in September 2007.

Watkins is a pas President of Terrebonne-Lafourche Right to Life Committee. Watkins is a life-long resident of Houma where he lives with his wife of 29 years, Elizabeth. She is secretary of Terrebonne-Lafourche RTL, and the two together have logged many hours of right to life fundraising and presentations.

He practices law in both federal and state courts around Louisiana with the firm of Duval, Funderburk, Sundbery, Lovell & Watkins. They have 4 daughters, and two grandchildren. He credits his involvement in the pro-life cause to his mom, Shirley Watkins, who devoted many years of service and prayers.

Celie Clark
Vice President

Celie returns to active duty in the Federation after years of parish ministry. She and her husband, Dan, founded the Terrebonne/LaFourche Chapter of Right to Life during their 5 year stay in Houma. She served as Federation President and Chairperson for the National Right to Life Convention hosted in New Orleans in 1987.

Presently, she resides in Madisonville with her husband and 5 children. Celie is employed as the Director of Religious Education at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Covington.

Welcome home, Celie!

Robert E. Winn

Peg Kenny
Executive Secretary

Peg Kenny has been a motivating force behind the operations of Louisiana Right to Life for the past twenty years. Heavily involved in both the Louisiana and national legislature, she is recognized for her years of work in promoting and passing pro-life legislation.

Separate from her involvement in LARTL, Peg is the Director of the Louisiana Pro-Life Council, which acts as the Respect Life Office for the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

Sharon Ryan Rodi
Delegate to the National Right to Life Board of Directors

Michelle Gorney
At-Large Director& Ex Officio

Michelle Gorney has been involved with LARTL for over 20 years when she and her husband, Chuck, founded St. Tammany Right to Life. Michelle has been a pro life speaker on many occasions and has attended NRTL Conventions and the National March for Life several times.

Michelle recently ended 4 years as LARTL Federation President and currently serves as Secretary of St. Tammany Right to Life. She works as a mother and Nurse in St. Tammany Parish.

James B. Godchaux, M.D.
At-Large Director

Dr. James Burton Godchaux of Lafayette, Louisiana was born in Houma and grew up in Opelousas, La. He graduated from LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans in 1972, Interned at Lafayette Charity Hospital, then did a Diagnostic Radiology Residency in Shreveport from 1973-1976. It was in those early days of legalized abortion when he and his wife, Kathleen, began to get involved in pro-life activities.

Dr. Godchaux is board-certified by the American Board of Radiology and began his practice in Lafayette in 1976 at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center. For a time there he served as Head of the Department of Radiology. He also held a Neuroradiology CAQ 1998-2008. In 2004 he helped to develop Envision Imaging of Acadiana, an outpatient imaging center, where he serves as Radiologist and until recently, Medical Director.

He is the father of four sons and has 14 grandchildren. He and Kathleen both serve on the boards of Acadiana Right to Life, the DesOrmeaux Foundation's Women's Center of Lafayette, and the Zerben Bienvenu and William Smith Fund for Pro-Life Education in Acadiana.

He is a member of St. Pius X Catholic Church, where he and his wife serve as Lay Ministers.

John Nickelson
At-Large Director

John Nickelson is licensed to practice law in Louisiana and Texas. He earned his law degree from the University of Virginia, served as a law clerk to a federal appellate judge, and practiced with a national firm in Dallas before returning home to Shreveport. He and his wife, Emily, have three daughters and are active members of their church, the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans.


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