What is PULSE?



After many years of success in Louisiana, Camp Joshua and the Joshua Leadership Institute have changed their names to the PULSE Immersion and the PULSE Leadership Institute and become part of the larger Louisiana PULSE Pro-Life Youth Initiative. The core of the Camp Joshua and Joshua Leadership Institute programs will remain the same under the new PULSE names.  2016 will be the first year for the new PULSE image of the program.

The PULSE Pro-life Youth Initiative is a multi-faceted initiative to train the junior high, high school, and college students of Louisiana to be pro-life agents of change in their communities. The initiative will use a variety of PULSE-themed projects, or “beats,” in order to inspire and train students. The flagship beat of the initiative is the PULSE Immersion, a series of weekend programs training high school students to stand for the culture of life as courageous pro-life leaders.  In addition to the PULSE Immersions, the PULSE Leadership Institute (PLI) is an intensive week-long camp designed to equip high school and college students to be the pro-life leaders of today. PLI is held each summer in Baton Rouge.    

The Knights of Columbus, Louisiana Right to Life, and Louisiana Students for Life started Louisiana Camp Joshua (LCJ) in 2008.  The first LCJ was held in Baton Rouge in the spring of 2008. After LCJ 2009 tripled the attendance of LCJ 2008 (to our capacity of 90 students!), Louisiana Camp Joshua expanded in 2010 to include two LCJ spring camps and the new Joshua Leadership Institute, an intensive week-long summer program.  In 2011, LCJ in Baton Rouge again reached its capacity, and Joshua Leadership Institute increased its attendance by almost 30 percent. 

Since that time, Camp Joshua has formed more than 700 new pro-life leaders, and these LCJ graduates have already formed new pro-life efforts in their high school and community, and many have moved on to college and started critical pro-life efforts.

Today, Louisiana Right to Life and Louisiana Students for Life are the sponsors PULSE Pro-life Youth Initiative (formerly Camp Joshua), with the Knights of Columbus continuing to lend support and assistance for the program.

PULSE events and programs are open to people of all religious denominations. Material is presented from a Christian pro-life view.  All chaperones will be approved by Louisiana Right to Life. Pro-life college students will assist with the weekend, but adults will be present at all times.

Who can attend any of the PULSE events?

PULSE Immersions are open to high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, while the PULSE Leadership Institute is open to rising high school juniors, seniors, and college freshmen. Material is presented from a Christian pro-life perspective, and the event is intended for individuals of all denominational or faith backgrounds.  Speakers at the event come from various Christian denominations.