LCJ 2009 @ Governor's Mansion

 LCJ 2009: One Amazing Pro-Life Weekend!

Please check back soon: Awesome Video of LCJ 2009 to come!

Almost 90 high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from across the state packed into the Tracy Center in Baton Rouge at LCJ 2009.  The weekend was both fun and inspirational.  The students were challenged to return home to "Go, Be Joshua to the World" by spreading the message of life.


 LCJ 2009 Photo Slideshow.

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 What the "Joshuans" said about LCJ 2009...

Abortion 101

Abortion 101 

"The first night was by far the most powerful.  I learned so much I did not know before.  The video was really powerful as well."


Abortion 201: The Art of Pro-Life Persuasion

Abortion 201

"I learned a lot but the most important things I learned was exactly what I had hoped for, to know how to debate and stand up for my moral and pro-life beliefs."

"My favorite training session was the persuasive speaking
techniques because it absolutely fired me up!"

Small Group Discussions

Small Group"My favorite part of LCJ was the small groups!  I really bonded with the others in my group, as well as my group leaders."


Pro-Life, Pro-ChastityPro-Life, Pro-Chastity

"I loved all the speakers, but if I had to choose I would pick the Zumo's.  They presented chastity in a different way by not forcing the subject but actually teaching us how chastity is a lifestyle."

The Impact of Abortion

Cindy Collins"Cindy Collins was my favorite session because she had two sides to show, and she taught us about the affects abortion can take on a woman."

Dinner at the Governor's Mansion: How to be a Pro-Life LeaderRepresentative Henry (L) and Senator Broome (R)

"The Governor's Mansion was an amazing experience.  It was beautiful, and it was nice to know our legislature has pro-life leaders like Representative Henry and Senator Broome."

LCJ CoffeeHouse

Lamar @ LCJ CoffeeHouse"My favorite part was the people, especially the CoffeeHouse, because it is outstanding to be with a group of pro-lifers this enthusiastic."


Serving those in Need: The Role of Pregnancy Centers Rachel Adair

"My favorite speaker was Rachel Adair (Northlake Pregnancy Center).  Her message hit home with me.  She really motivated me to get involved in the work of the centers!"

Going Forward: What are you going to do from here?

"I plan on starting a pro-life group at our church for our community"
"I hope to go back home and share the word!"
"This weekend inspired me to start a pro-life club at my school."