Louisiana Camp Joshua Baton Rouge 2010


Louisiana Camp Joshua Baton Rouge

Sponsored by Knights of Columbus, LA Right to Life, and LA Students for Life
April 9-11, 2010


LCJ BR 2010 Photo Slideshow

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What went down at LCJ Baton Rouge?

At LCJ BR 2010, 90 students gathered to learn how to change hearts and save lives in your their community through interactive games, challenging training sessions, exciting events such as visiting the State Capitol, hearing testimonies from women who do regret abortion, and receiving the tools to lead a pro-life group on campus.  It was a great weekend!  See the photos above, or check out the LCJ Video for more!

Here is a look at some events and speakers from LCJ BR 2010:

Students for Life at LCJ
Pro-Life 101 and 201 with
Benjamin and Kristen Clapper

Benjamin and Kristen Clapper
LCJ Coffee House featuring
musician David Thies
Guest Musician David Thies
Private Trip to State Capitol
with  Representative Scott Simon
State Capitol

Serving Women in Need
with Angie Thomas of WNLC

Angie Thomas


Where else could you make 85 new pro-life friends?

  • LCJ is not only about education and leadership, but also about networking with other high school students from across the state. You'll have the opportunity to make new friends through small groups and participate in awesome night activities like the LCJ Coffeehouse!
  • Lasting friendships have been made through LCJ, and LCJ graduates are able to build relationships to more effectively work for Life.

LCJ GRADUATES: Where are they now?

Graduates of LCJ are pro-life leaders. Graduates have started groups on their respective college and high school campuses. Other graduates have given presentations to their classes, church groups, and even saved lives through sidewalk counseling.

Are you ready to BE JOSHUA?

If you are a high school sophomore, junior, or senior who wants to be a leader in the youth pro-life movement and help to transform our culture into one of LIFE, come to LCJ in BR!