Grow Your Group!

Guide to Recruiting New Members

What is Clipboarding?
  • Clipboarding is a recruitment technique that will help you identify pro-life students at your school. It will not only help you find members for your pro-life club, but it will get your campus talking about life issues.

Steps to Clipboarding

1.) Prepare
First, find a location at your school that most students pass through on a daily basis (like the cafeteria entrance or a popular hang out place).
Ask the other potential leaders of the pro-life group to help you. The more people you have clipboarding, the more students you can survey and get to sign up.
Have appropriate supplies. You will need at least 2 clipboards, sign-up sheets, and pens. On your sign up sheets, make sure there is room for the student's contact information (name, email, phone number).
Pick a meeting time at a specific location with your fellow leaders. Before you begin approaching students, discuss what questions you will ask and what information you will give. If you already have your first meeting planned, tell people who are interested about it!

2.) Approach Students
Be energetic! You are giving the students at your school an opportunity to be part of an organization that is working to save lives and help women!
• Approach each person with a smile and good eye contact.
• Ask, "Are you pro-life?"
• For those that say "yes", ask, "Do you want to help new mothers keep their babies and raise life issues on campus?"
• For those that respond positively, ask for and record their contact information: name, phone number, email address, and class year
• If the person seems like a potential leader, mark that next to their name for your future reference!

3.) Contact those You Clipboarded
Once you have your first meeting planned, e-mail, Facebook, and call those you have clipboarded. Also, invite all of your friends from your school and/or church community.