Organize an Event!

Pro-Life Events and Activities


  • Host a Speaker
    • Educate and inform your church or school by hosting a pro-life speaker. If you are at a school, make sure you school does one pro-life school assembly. Contact Louisiana Right to Life for speaker ideas, or check with Students for Life of America for a complete listing of pro-life speakers, their cost, and contact information to organize an event. 
  • Cemetery of the Innocents
    •  A visual display of the lives lost each year to abortion using crosses, flags, or other markers. Contact Louisiana Students for Life to borrow 4000 pink and blue flags that can be set up at your school/church.
  • "When Does Life Begin?"
    • Place signs in the ground to depict the different stages of fetal development. Then ask students to put a flag by the stage where they think life begins and discuss the issue with them. 
  • Chalking
    • Use sidewalk chalk to spread the pro-life message on campus. For example, draw 3700 hearts on the sidewalks with text like, "3700 hearts will never love because of abortion."
  • Prayer Vigils at Abortion Clinics- Organize a vigil at an abortion clinic to be a witness for life.
  • Write Letters to the Editor
    • Write a letter to the editor of your school or local newspaper to be a voice for the unborn and to fight pro-abortion bias in the media. Assign group members to watch for articles discussing life issues and to write responses. 
  • Pro-Life T-Shirt Day
    • Encourage your members to wear a pro-life t-shirt one day out of the year. If you have uniforms, ask your administration to allow you to wear a pro-life t-shirt over your uniform. The best pro-life t-shirts can be found at
  • Become a Persuasive Pro-Lifer
    • Contact Louisiana Right to Life on how to get materials to train your group in pro-life apologetics, or in other words, how to be a persuasive pro-lifer.
  • Be Silent for a day
    • Have the members of your group wear red "LIFE" tape over their mouth for an entire day to remember the silence of the voices of the unborn.
  • March for Life
    • Go to the March for Life in Washington DC every January 22nd to inspire your group to do more.
Get Involved in Politics
    • Register pro-lifers to vote and volunteer on the campaigns of pro-life politicians. 
    • Lobby Your Legislators: Contact your legislators by writing letters, sending emails, making phone calls, and meeting with them to discuss supporting pro-life legislation and opposing anti-life legislation.
  • Baby Shower
    • Host a baby shower on campus to benefit a local Pregnancy Resource Center.
  • Car Wash
    • Hold a car wash at a school or church to raise money for a pregnancy center.
  • Diaper Drive: 
    • Set up a table on campus or at a grocery store and ask for donations of diapers to help a local Pregnancy Resource Center. 
  • Post Flyers and Distribute Educational Materials
    • Distribute and post flyers listing local pregnancy resource center.
    • Distribute and post educational flyers around campus to educate about the issues. Human Life Alliance provides free awesome literature to your school if you request it. Contact LA Right to Life for more details.
  • Volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center: 
    • Assist a Pregnancy Resource Center by answering phone calls, counseling women, or organizing material aid supplies.
  • Sidewalk Counseling
    • Lovingly offer support to women entering abortion clinics to save them and their children from the tragedy of abortion. 
  • Plan a Social!
    • Have fun by holding parties, Rock for Life concerts, and other events to celebrate life!
  • Prayer Events
    • Hold prayer services, holy hours, services, Masses, or any other activity that fits at your school in memory of the unborn. If you are at a Catholic or Christian school, or a Church, make sure your school/church has a special service in honor of the unborn.
  • And many more!

o There are many other things you can do to protect life at your school or church. Go to to find out more.

Websites You Can Use

o All the information about Louisiana Camp Joshua.
o Louisiana Right to Life's website.
o Louisiana Students for Life's website.
o Students for Life of America's website.
o Great abortion education and activism website.
o Current Pro-Life News.
o Human Life Alliance- Get free pro-life literature.
o Heritage House- a general pro-life store.