PULSE Leadership Institute

Sponsored by Knights of Columbus and Louisiana Right to Life

PULSE Leadership Institute
June 5 - 9, 2017

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What is the PULSE Leadership Institute?

  • The PULSE Leadership Institute (PLI) is an exciting opportunity for high school students and entering college freshmEn to experience the pro-life movement in a way never before done! PLI is a weeklong program designed to equip you with education on ALL life issues and give you the chance to dialogue with new friends and some of the top pro-life leaders of the nation!

What else goes on at the PULSE Leadership Institute?

  • PLI is very action oriented. You will be not only participate in exciting workshops, but also traveling to various destinations¬† for special "feet-work" sessions. You will visit places such as a pregnancy center, LSU campus for surveys on abortion, the State Capitol, and more!

  • As any summer institute should, we will have plenty of fun throughout the week, whether it is the famous CoffeeHouse, indoor rock climbing at LSU, skits, interactive games, and free time to hang out with friends. Also at PLI, you will receive intensive training on starting and maintaining pro-life student groups. Learning to be a pro-life student activist is the focus of PLI. We want YOU to shape your community and our world!

How is the PULSE Leadership Institute different from PULSE Immersion?

  • The PULSE Leadership Insitute takes PULSE Immersion to the next level. PLI builds upon the skills learned at the PULSE Weekend Immersion but is more action oriented and takes a deeper look at not only abortion but stem cell research and euthanasia.

Can I go to the PULSE Leadership Institute if I haven't been to PULSE Immersion?

  • Yes!¬† But attendance at PULSE Immersion is recommended before attending PLI.¬†

So, why should I go to the PULSE Leadership Institute?

  • The PULSE Leadership Institute is a great way to make new friends and experience the pro-life movement like you never have before. If you are ready to be equipped to be a pro-life leader of TODAY, apply to be a PLI delegate.

What is the cost, and are there scholarship opportunities?

Contact Alex Seghers at alex@prolifelouisiana.org or Krista Corbello at krista@prolifelouisiana.org or call 1-866-463-5433 for more information.