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PULSE Pro-Life Youth Programs

At Louisiana Right to Life we know that we, as young people, are the pro-life generation.  We are the generation that will bring an end to abortion.  

Whether on your campus or in your community, you can be a powerful witness in changing hearts and minds about the value of each human life.  Get started now!

Let Louisiana Right to Life help you to change your community!  We can help you start or reinvigorate your pro-life group at your high school or college.  We can train you in pro-life persuasion and outreach.  You can attend our PULSE Immersions, and even be a part of our PULSE Teams.

Get in touch with us, and learn more about what you can do to light the way to a pro-life Louisiana!


Also, do not forget our Education Center and availability for Presentations to schools and youth groups.

Visit our friends at Students for Life of America

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Youth Leaders


  • Krista Corbello, Youth Programs Co-Director
    • 337.524.0044
  • Alex Seghers, Youth Programs Co-Director
    • 504.835.6520