Louisiana Life March North

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sponsored by Louisiana Right to Life, in conjunction with the Louisiana Baptist Convention, Louisiana Family Forum, Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, Ark-La-Tex Crisis Pregnancy Center, Heart of Hope Ministries, and Concerned Women for America

  • What is the Louisiana Life March (LLM) North?

    • The LLM North is a chance for the citizens of Shreveport, Bossier City, Ruston, Monroe, Natchioches, and all of North Louisiana to stand together for an abortion-free Louisiana.
    • The event will consist of a historic march from Bossier City's "Louisiana Boardwalk" across the Texas Street bridge to a gathering in Shreveport's Festival Plaza. At Festival Plaza, nationally-known speakers and local music groups will lead prayer and presentation. After the gathering, a "Life Ministry Mobilization" area will plug you into all the pro-life efforts in your communities.
  • Why "4,003 Lives Too Many"?

    • In 2012, 4,003 abortions were performed at the two abortion facilities in Caddo and Bossier parishes, making the combination of Shreveport and Bossier City the "abortion capital" of Louisiana.  In 2012, 9,225 abortions were performed in Louisiana.* Click here for more info on statistics.
    • The LLM North is the beginning of an effort to save these lives by motivating the faith community to reach out in service and education.
  • Event Details / Answers to FAQ

    • The march from the Boardwalk to Festival Plaza is 1.2 miles. 
    • For those that cannot make the march, please gather at Festival Plaza.
    • Limited transportation will be available to return people from Festival Plaza to the north lot of the Boardwalk.
  • Need More Information?
    • For more information, call our Shreveport office at 318.300.3533. You can also request promotional materials to be sent to your church or group.





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Need Promotional Materials, such as flyers or posters to promote the LLM North?  Contact our office today or email us at pam@prolifelouisiana.org.

* 2012 Abortion Statistics Still Listed as "Preliminary" by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals