Operation Outcry

Operation Outcry is bringing down the abortion industry through the negative consequences of its own work, and Louisiana pro-lifer Cindy Collins is the Louisiana Rep for Operation Outcry, a division of the Justice Foundation.

Operation Outcry is collecting signed declarations from women who regret their abortion in order to present it to the Supreme Court as evidence that abortion is bad for women. If you or anyone you know has had an abortion and regrets it, please follow the link below.

Sign the Declaration Online

Also, we encourage you to print the PDF version of the Declaration out and distribute it to any women who regrets their abortion.

PDF Declaration Form

Operation Outcry, along with the Justice Foundation, also hosts a TV Show on SkyAngel called Faces of Abortion. It is shown nationally and internationally. Louisiana's own Cindy Collins hosts the show. You can learn more at Operation Outcry's website.

Cindy Collins can be reached at cindy@wgon.net.


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